Cloud V Electro E-Nail Vaporizer

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Cloud V Electro E-Nail VaporizerDabbing -- the art of single dose hits of concentrates -- is rapidly becoming the "go-to" trend among vapers and enthusiasts. There are many experts and aficionados that swear by dabbing, affirming it as the only true way of consuming wax or concentrates. Because of t..

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Cloud V Electro E-Nail Vaporizer

Dabbing -- the art of single dose hits of concentrates -- is rapidly becoming the "go-to" trend among vapers and enthusiasts. There are many experts and aficionados that swear by dabbing, affirming it as the only true way of consuming wax or concentrates. Because of this shift in enthusiast behavior, a multitude of companies have sprouted out of the woodwork offering one solution or another. 

As great as competition is for the free markets, dabbing is a delicate, and many times a cumbersome process. Those in the know aren't willing to trust their hard-earned money to just any company. Fortunately, Cloud V -- one of the most respected names in the vaping community -- stepped up big time to offer an unparalleled dabbing experience. Their Cloud V Electro is an exclusive look at next-gen dabbing technology.

The Electro by Cloud V seeks to answer one question -- how can we eliminate the guesswork out of dabbing and traditional manual nail platforms and streamline the user experience? In most setups, dabbing involves whipping out a handheld torch, and lighting up a skillet or nail until an exposed concentrate converts into an inhalable vapor.

The problem that the Cloud V Electro addresses is that the traditional process is dragged by inconsistencies. While it may look impressive, the novelty wears off rather quickly when the skillet or nail fails to heat to its appropriate temperature. Additionally, not all wax concentrates feature the same chemical composition. They may have variable tolerances to heat, or have different temperature "sweet spots." Either way, a failed approach could unnecessarily waste expensive concentrates.

The other issue is accessibility. Many vaping newcomers may not own a torch, let alone have the knowledge to operate one properly. Or, a very real possibility is user intimidation.

Fortunately, the Cloud V Electro is a self-contained, one stop shop for dabbing enthusiasts. The uninitiated will love the ergonomic and intuitive design of the Electro vaporizer, while veterans will want one for its wickedly simple convenience.  

At the heart of the Electro by Cloud V is the ultra-durable, ultra-dependable 6,000 mAh battery. Rather than sitting and waiting with a torch application, or using an unwieldy dab rig that can only draw power from a 120 volt wall outlet, the Electro's e-nail can vaporize any wax concentrate in seconds, regardless of where you are.

Although the Cloud V Electro is calibrated for efficiency and intuitiveness, it nevertheless offers two preset temperature settings. The Electro e-nail is not only one of the more convenient systems available in the market, it also provides excellent modularity. For a smooth, textured rip, the vaper can opt for the blue setting, which heats the Electro to 800°F. This is also particularly useful for casual hits, or when battery life is a priority. On the other hand, an intense burst of flavor can be achieved through the red setting, which spikes the temperature up to 1000°F.

For either setting, the desired temperature can be reached in 15 seconds. When the Cloud V device hits the requested temperature, a green LED light will emit, notifying the vaper. Again, this brings us back to the mission statement of the Electro -- take the drag out of dab! Best of all, the Electro's e-nail is constructed out of titanium. This material can handle plenty of abuse -- not that you would do that deliberately! You can also reliably depend upon the titanium nail for years of dabbing pleasure.    

The advantages of the Cloud V Electro vaporizer system become immediately apparent. Finally, portability does not have to sacrifice performance. Undoubtedly, while there are multiple e-nail offerings featuring a compact platform, the Electro by Cloud V is one of the few that offers true desktop e-rig power. Too often, the competitive landscape is littered with products that promise much, but deliver very little.

What enthusiasts will really appreciate about the Cloud V Electro -- aside from its convenient and state of the art functionality -- is the included glass aqua bubbler, which comes in your choice of either straight or side arm format. Bubblers add an element of water filtration to your dabbing session, and is particularly effective with the Electro by Cloud V.

Quickly and easily attaching to the main device, you can really feel the moisturizing and cooling effect on your hits. This allows you to rip harder and rip longer, all while giving your lungs an extra breather. Dabbing should be fun -- and anything that safely extends a session is fine by me, and I'm sure the rest of the "dabhead" community.

Of course, all good things must come to an end. Even with the vast power band of the 6,000 mAh battery, the Cloud V Electro can't last forever. Nevertheless, vapers can really appreciate how much thought that Cloud V put into their product's downtime as much as its "go time."

Here's what I mean -- for starters, the recharge on the 6,000 mAh battery doesn't take as much time as one might think. Within a few hours, dabheads can get back to enjoying a series of lavish hits. Second, the Cloud V Electro field strips very easily. All the components are readily accessible for scrubbing, making short work of unwanted buildup. The Electro's glass bubbler is particularly easy -- just use your favorite glass cleaner, plug the ends with your hands, and shake away!

Offered with a one-year warranty, the superbly constructed Cloud V Electro comes with all the accessories you need to run a complete dabbing system. This includes a charging base, cable, and adapter (110V), as well as one dab tool, and two titanium nails. The overall package weighs less than three and a half pounds, which is perfect for either short trips or long haul vacations. Either way, the Electro will never leave you hanging.

In short, the Cloud V Electro is a true innovation amid a sea of copycat competitors. Its power output rivals that of traditional e-rig platforms, yet is small enough to carry in your pocket. Discrete when you want it to be, and a full-on power plant when you need it to be, the Electro is a must-have device in any enthusiast's tool kit.

Cloud V Electro Vaporizer Specifications:

Manufactured by: Cloud V

Voltage: 110V

Compatibility: Wax/Concentrates

Heat-Up Time: 15 Seconds

Battery Capacity: 6,000 mAh

Manufacturer Warranty: 1-Year

Length: 6 Inches (152mm)

Diameter: 2 Inches (51mm)


Cloud V Electro Vaporizer Includes:

1 x Cloud V Electro Vaporizer

1 x Charging Base

1 x Charging Adapter

1 x Charging Cable

2 x Titanium Nails

1 x Dab Tool

1 x User Manual

Cloud V Electro Vaporizer Features:

Very Easy-to-Use

Massive 6,000 mAh Battery Capacity

Glass Aqua Bubbler

Portable Design

Resilient and Durable Construction

Uniform and Even Heat Distribution

Rapid 15-Second Heating

Made with the Premium-Grade Materials

Manufactures Spectacular Hits


Dual-Stage Heat Settings

Aesthetically Beautiful Design

100% Authentic Cloud V

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